Ginger is known as the “Mahaoushadh” – means the best herb in the world.  There is a saying that Shunti (dry Ginger) melts even the stone.  Symbolically shunti (dry Ginger) has the ability to melt all kinds of toxins in the body.

Fresh Ginger and dry Ginger both are equally beneficial in many health conditions, be it a simple cough and cold or chronic digestive issues, ulcers, or even cancer, Ginger's health benefits are unlimited.   Here are the seven amazing DIY tips of Ginger.  Follow it in your daily life and experience the difference naturally

      1. Ginger improves protein metabolism.

Anybody who has muscle weakness, uric acid, which is a defect of protein metabolism, or sportspeople who gets gas after taking protein :

Using Ginger will help them convert protein into muscles instead of creating gas or toxins of uric acid.

¼ teaspoon of Ginger powder mix in a half glass of warm water and drink.  Repeat this four times a day.  This remarkably improves protein metabolism and muscle nourishment.

 You can also add the ginger powder with protein powder and prevent gas or gastritis, which is produced after drinking protein powder.


     2. Ginger stops Diarrhoea and improves digestion.

If you get Diarrhoea for any reason, Ginger is fantastic for improving digestion, restoring normal bacteria, and stopping Diarrhoea within 24 hours.

 Ginger stops Diarrhoea and improves digestion.

Take at least 3-6 times a day by making fresh mixture always.

Remember, when there is Diarrhoea, your system is very sensitive. So you need to relax your system by fasting or just taking mung daal khichadi 2-3 teaspoons a day.


     3. Ginger is a blessing for people with cold hands and feet

Ginger is warm and stimulates blood circulation, reduces pain and inflammation if applied externally.  People who tend to get cold hands and feet, blue nails because of low circulation follow this remedy :

Dry ginger powder  2 teaspoon

Ajowain powder      2 teaspoon

Mix well and apply on cold hands and feet before going to bed.  Rub it dry for 10 minutes and leave it overnight.

If you do this regularly, it will remarkably improve restless feet and relieve cold hands and feet.


      4. Ginger increases appetite in children.

All the mothers are generally worried about their children's growth, and they always think that they are eating less.  If your children are not hungry despite three hours of a gap from the last food intake, they indeed suffer from loss of appetite, which will finally result in less growth.

Ginger is digestive and also increases appetite.  It is a wonderful remedy for children who do not eat.  This simple home remedy will increase the appetite and also grow them very well.

Ginger increases appetite in children

You can make it tasty by adding lime juice or kokum juice.


      5. Ginger is remarkable to relieve COUGH & COLD in children

For frequent cough and colds in children, it works as a proven remedy. 

 5. Ginger is remarkable to relieve COUGH & COLD in children

Make a fresh mixture all the time.  Your child will be free from cough and cold within 1-2 days itself. 

This simple home remedy can be taken by children and adults both very safely. 

Remember, whoever gets cough and cold frequently should stop milk products completely.  As 50% cough is reduced just by eliminating milk, yogurt, paneer cheese, etc.

      6. Ginger for travel sickness


 Ginger is remarkable for traveling sickness and vomiting sensation.

Fresh Ginger – slice into small pieces

Rock salt (Saindha namak) as per taste

Lemon juice (optional)

Rub in rock salt (saindha namak) into the sliced ginger pieces.  Allow it to dry and keep bottled.

Whenever you are traveling, you can keep sucking these slices. It helps relieve travel sickness, gases, nausea, stomach pain remarkably.

You can also take 2-3  fresh ginger slices daily before your meals to help digest the food and prevent toxins.


      7. Ginger to relieve post-delivery bloated tummy and improve Lactation

For women, after delivery, Ginger is excellent as Ginger reduces Vayu (excess air).  After delivery, most women get bloated in the tummy because of the extra air that fills in the tummy's space when the child is born.

Suppose you take this combination after delivery for 3 months. In that case, this air releases from the stomach, thus bringing back the tummy in normal shape, preventing back pain after delivery, and stimulating Lactation.

Post-delivery soup

 Post-delivery soup

Drink this soup at least 3 times a day.  Make it fresh all the time.

Ginger is loaded with antioxidants and has the ability to relieve inflammation and pain from the body.  Being a fat burner, Ginger may help your body fight off chronic diseases like high blood pressure, cholesterol, heart diseases and promotes health and vitality.

For staying healthy, in general, keep drinking ginger water daily. It can help burn the toxins all the time, and your digestion and metabolism will remain active 100%.


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