4 Self Care Ideas in Ayurveda For Optimal Health

4 Self Care Ideas in Ayurveda For Optimal Health


When it comes to self-care, we compromise with other things in life and forget about ourselves. But who will take care of ourselves if we are not willing to do it?


Self-care is the first thing we neglect in our daily routine. For many of us, the common excuses --"I don't have time," "I have too much stress," or "I have other priorities." Sad thing we don't count ourselves as a priority! 


You only have one life and the opportunity to treat it right and love yourself. Let's start with taking care of ourselves.

Why choose the Ayurveda approach to Self Care?

Ayurveda does not ask for fancy changes in your life or diet. Ayurveda taught us the simplest way of life one can ever live and food which are easily available and 100% natural.


Ayurveda suggests 3 things for self-care; Balance Agni (digestive fire), Remove Ama (toxins), and Increase Ojas (vital energy or immunity).


To have regular digestion is to have your Agni in balance. Having a bowel movement at the same time each day is considered regular digestion. The more powerful your Agni is, the better your health typically is. According to Ayurveda, everything depends upon what you eat and your way of life.


Ama, or toxins, removal is the next step. Poisons are the tendencies, food, or technology circles we could hinder ourselves. Ama is the sludge that prevents us from properly digesting food and possibly life experiences.


How can we increase our energy so that it lasts throughout the day? Eating healthy foods, taking time to rest, meditate, move your body, laugh, get enough sleep, spend time in nature, and give your mind time to rest and digest. Oja formation is said to take 27 to 30 days. Therefore, expecting a quick fix from this is no use, your body needs time to cope up with new habits.


That is step one when thinking about self-care. How can you balance your Agni, Ama, and Ojas? After that, here are a few ideas for self-care items based on your dosha (mind/body type in Ayurveda).

What approach does Ayurveda say about self-care?


Ayurveda says you should set aside time for yourself every day. Self-care is especially important in today's fast-paced lifestyle. One of Ayurveda's fundamental principles is slowing down to reconnect with our bodies and minds. 


Most people move so quickly that they don't want to slow down to notice how they feel. Ayurveda is designed to help you get closer to yourself.


Make sure that your self-care actions align with what you enjoy doing. If you prefer to have a facial at a spa, opt for the one that brings you the most joy, despite what the instructions say. You shouldn't feel like you're adding something new to your list of things to do. Nothing more is needed in your life than something that makes you happy.


Another point about self-care throughout the year: it probably will change. During the summer months, a bath might sound more inviting than in the winter months. Sitting by a fire with a cup of turmeric milk may sound more appealing in the cooler months than sipping cool sun tea in the summer. To begin with, taking part in Nasya in the winter and neti pot in the spring and fall will be a great idea, a self-care routine.


4 Amazing Ayurveda Self-Care Ideas You Should Definitely Give A Shot!


Full Body Massage (Abhyanga)


In addition to relieving pain, an ayurvedic massage is particularly effective as a preventative treatment because it increases circulation, stimulates and strengthens the lymphatic system, and opens the flow of life force to cleanse and rejuvenate the body. Additionally, essential oils utilized in Ayurvedic massages are extremely nourishing and detoxifying, assisting in the prevention of aging and leaving the skin feeling soft and shiny. Ayurvedic massages help us feel better physically and mentally by relieving stress and triggering positive emotions.


Ayurshakti Ayurved offers a variety of Ayurvedic massages to suit your specific requirements few of them are listed below in case you want to give yourself much-needed rest.


Full Malish (Full Body Oil Massage)

Benefits: It combines massage and steam, which helps weight loss, and inch loss, relieves body pain, relaxes and rejuvenates your body, boosts freshness instantly, and promotes sleep.

Description: Pamper yourself with this perfect combination of full body oil massage and steam to experience instant relaxation, release stress and tiredness and restore overall well-being. This massage once a week is a lavish treat to your body as it refreshes your mind and body and rejuvenates your entire day.


Feet Massage

Benefits: It promotes sound sleep by reducing anxiety, and heat from the body, normalizing blood pressure and improving circulation.

Description: It is a massage that involves pressure on the foot to ease the pain and relax your body.


Head Massage

Benefits: It promotes strong hair and concentration power and relieves stress and anxiety by improving blood circulation. It boosts hair growth and reduces hair fall and hair thinning.

Description: It is a head massage with medicated oil that helps to improve blood circulation.


Siddha Massage Full

Benefits: It eliminates the sticky toxins from the entire body, relieves joint pain, improves circulation, and relieves inflammation and body bloating. It promotes healthy joints and muscle functions.

Description: It is a specialized anti-clog external therapy to improve circulation in any body part.


Siddha Lotion Massage

Benefits: It is remarkably helpful in weight reduction and lessens fat from the tummy area, thighs, and hips.

Description: It is a special fat reduction treatment in the obesity detox program.


Siddha Massage Half

Benefits: It eliminates the sticky toxins from the entire body, relieves joint pain, improves circulation, and relieves inflammation and body bloating. It promotes healthy joints and muscle functions.

Description: It is a specialized anti-clog external therapy to improve circulation in any body part.

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Oil Pulling 


Oil pulling is a method of oral detoxification. Traditionally, sesame oil was used, but organic coconut oil has replaced sesame oil as the main ingredient because of its antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and enzymatic properties.


It should be practiced for between 15 and 20 minutes, but this is hard to do at first, so start with just a few minutes and work your way up. 


Thanks to this ancient Ayurvedic self-care method, your gums and teeth will stay healthy. It helps clear bacteria from the mouth that can lead to cavities, alleviates bad breath, and prevent plaque and gingivitis as well as cavities.


These are the main advantages of oil pulling:

  • Brighten teeth
  • Break the dental plaque
  • Fight against microorganisms and gum diseases.
  • Prevent Cavities



  • First, in the morning, rinse off your mouth with 1 teaspoon of coconut oil.
  • Let the oil sit in your mouth for around 15-20 minutes
  • Brush your teeth as you normally do.
  • You can repeat this process after meals or twice a day, according to your preference. 


Oil pulling is an effective way to deal with serious oral health and gum infections.




Yoga may seem obvious, but the poses are what matter here. An excellent place to start is grounding poses like Salamba Bharadvajasana (Supported Reclining Twist) and Salamba Upavistha Konasana (Supported Straddle Pose). These calming postures help heal the nervous system, prevent adrenal fatigue, detoxify the liver, and also help you relax.


Yoga is an excellent method for reducing stress and cultivating positivity. If you turn up the good vibes and put one on your dial, your yoga practice will be much better and help you get through some more complex poses.




Mindfulness can be achieved through the practice of meditation. We all have a natural capacity for mindfulness, but it can be challenging to tap into because we are so preoccupied with living in the next minute rather than the present. But daily meditation practice can teach us how to do that.


Choose to meditate daily. Along with taking a shower and brushing your teeth, include it in your morning routine. Meditation for ten minutes at the beginning of the day can boost productivity tremendously. It's like organizing your brain's preparation for the day ahead. Because your mind will be calmer and more focused, you will soon realize that you will have more time.


The goal of mindfulness is to keep that heightened awareness with you throughout the day. You will learn new ways to deal with your thoughts and the constant rush of your emotions if you apply the principles of mindfulness to your everyday life. You'll become more at ease, upbeat, and aware.




A life that is exhausted typically focuses a lot on the outside. You have too many things for too many people, and your needs have been suppressed along the way. Doing something nice for yourself to feel better is not selfish. Self-care is about thinking and caring about yourself in your chaotic lifestyle and relaxing to provide mental peace and physical well-being.

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