Natural ways to treat PCOD

Natural ways to treat PCOD


Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD) is an ovary malfunction in females where small cysts start growing on the ovaries. These cysts are not hazardous or life-threatening, but yes, they can cause problems if not taken care of. The cysts cause ovaries in females to secrete hormones, especially androgen, in excess. The hormonal release causes changes in the female body that are unwanted and irritating. 


In Ayurveda, PCOS has been connected to Aarthva Kshaya. The symptoms of the ailment vary from person to person but generally facial hair growth and develop male characteristics. Also, the person experience sudden weight gain, hair thinning, becomes sluggish and often mood swings. 


Though PCOD/PCOS can be problematic, yet it can be relieved through Ayurvedic treatments. It is recommended to practice detoxification, also known as Virechana karma in Ayurvedic terms. Uttarbasti treatment is also seen helpful. Along with these lifestyle modifications will also be required. 


  1. Better lifestyle through Yoga


Exercise is the best way to reverse the PCOD/PCOS problem. You can go for morning walks as well or practice alternate Nasal breathing, also known as Pranayam. The exercises should also proceed steadily; that is, the pace and intensity should be increased gradually.


The person suffering from PCOD/PCOS often gains weight, which is difficult to cut down. Hence, you should not worry much about weight loss as that would take a long time. Meanwhile, the exercises and yoga should be focused around the lower abdomen to cut down belly fat.


Dhanurasana, Uttanpadasana, Badhakonasana, Ushtrasana, vrikshasana, and Vajrasana are few yoga asanas that can be practiced during the daily yoga session. 


  1. Healthy Diet 


Keeping up with a planned healthy diet throughout the day is a great impetus for preventing PCOD/PCOS. As per Ayurvedic treatment, you should restrain from consuming high-calorie food, sugary items to be precise. You can have natural sugars through fruits to increase immunity and reduce sugar cravings. 


The diet must be followed strictly without any relaxation, and the meals should be divided into small portions rather than heavy meals. You should avoid dairy products or cut down their consumption to fasten up the PCOS healing process. 


Moreover, the people suffering from PCOD/PCOS must have more fibrous food in their regular diets, such as brown rice and lots of vegetables. Intake of saturated fats should also be limited during the time of treatment. 


  1. Stress-free routine


Reducing stress and tension from daily routine can help you keep a distance from PCOD/PCOS as the cortisol production is reduced significantly. The balance of hormones will be restored as you are relieved of stress. 


These were some natural and simple ways which will help you to cure your PCOD. Though PCOS is a more serious condition than PCOD, the solutions somewhat remain the same, the only difference being that in case of PCOS, it may take a bit more time. Adopt a healthy lifestyle and bid farewell to PCOD!


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