Throat Irritations & Ear Infections, Chronic coughs

Throat Irritations & Ear Infections, Chronic coughs


When Mucous remain in the nose and sinus areas and not cleared up completely,  this can lead to a chronic cough, throat irritations, and ear infections. The recurrent occurrence of the following symptoms is a sign of lowered immunity. 

  • Constant coughing, with or without mucus 
  • Irritation and redness of throat 
  • Hoarseness in the voice 
  • Earache and itching in the ear 
  • Headaches, a sense of malaise 
  • Reduced sense of both smell and hearing


How natural remedies can help in such chronic cases, giving sufferers a new lease of life. 


Home Remedies to relieve throat irritations and chronic ear infections :


  •  Fresh Basil (Tulsi ) leaves          10 leaves
  •  Black peppers (whole)     2 


Chew them together on an empty stomach in the morning.  When half-chewed, swallow the mixture with water.  Repeat this in the evening and one more time at night before going to bed.


Basil being anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal helps to relieve the infections.  Basil also helps in improving immunity.  


Black pepper is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. It is a great herb to clear the irritations in the throat and melting the Kapha mucous and digest them.


Another proven remedy is Castor oil application: At night put 2-4 drops of warm castor oil in each nostril before going to sleep.

Suck this Pill 3-6 times a day for relieving the chronic cough, clearing the throat irritations and infections


  Turmeric powder     ¼ teaspoon

  Liquorice powder   ¼ teaspoon 

  Honey  enough to make a pill

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